Hiring a logo designer online is better!

Lightbulb moment…

We have all seen a social media post that says “anyone know a good logo designer?”

Friends will recommend their husband’s brother’s roommate from college, Dave, and he’s actually pretty good.

The problem is that Dave lives 500 miles away, so you really have to trust him. I believe most people’s intentions are good, but intentions aren’t everything.

You don’t know Dave personally and that’s fine, but it does present potential problems.

Dave has a day job and works 40+ hours a week, he also has 3 kids all under 10 years old. He didn’t disclose that information because that’s personal, but he could use the extra money so he takes the job.

You are excited to get started and have total confidence in Dave’s work, he was referred by a friend so what could possibly go wrong?

Dave receives the deposit and immediately gets to work on the logo. Two days go by and you have yet to see a mock up. No need to worry, you’re just excited and you’ll be hearing from Dave soon.

That night you get the e-mail notification on your iPhone that reads “Logo draft 1.” You fumble your phone as you ooze excitement, this is the big moment you’ve been waiting for, right? Eh, not quite! Dave was busy this weekend and didn’t have quite enough time to focus on your logo, good news is he did deliver something, even if subpar.

You request a total of four revisions over the next week and a half, and somehow Dave just isn’t getting it. Is he all of a sudden incompetent? Has he lost his mojo? It is now 3 weeks later and your logo still isn’t complete. At this point you’re chopping it up as a loss. You got your deposit back, but cannot get your time back. Thanks Dave! Oh yeah, still no logo!

The Alternative…

The internet will always be undefeated, meaning you can’t beat it! Instead of hiring your husbands brother’s college roommate, who can’t be held accountable, hire professionals on Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer.com!

You can easily hire Sal on Fiverr and see real reviews from past clients. Reviews are golden to online freelancers, and they aren’t willing to risk their livelihood by delivering subpar work. Online freelancers can’t afford to have poor communication or lackluster reviews, most of them are doing this fulltime and are fully committed. I first started hiring freelancers on Elance.com (now Upwork) back in 2013, and instantly noticed a difference in professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond. Freelancers know that if Sal can’t get the job done then Renee can, the marketplace is highly competitive.

Dave would have handled your logo with much more care if it were possible to receive a poor review. Freelancer’s are busy as well, busy taking care of clients like you. I’ve held a few freelancers accountable in the past, and have been held accountable myself as a freelancer. the difference between a 3 and a 5 star review could be thousands of dollars a month or more, and they aren’t willing to risk it. For this reason it is much more efficient to hire designers online. You can also take advantage of the global nature of online freelancers, and the cost savings associated with outsourcing the work. There is a genius designer who just received their masters degree in New Deli, India. They are super excited to work with an American company, and it will show in their enthusiasm towards your project. That is a strong contrast to Dave.

Hiring best practices.

When hiring on Fiverr you should first like the freelancers work. Their reviews mean nothing if their style doesn’t catch your eye, personally. Try to find high ranking talent that have plenty of positive feedback. Often times you’ll find recurring client reviews, which is a plus. It says a lot when designers earn repeat clients, that means they’re taking care of their business. Make sure you are hiring talent who are within your delivery time frame. If you need the logo completed in 2 days, don’t hire someone with a 5 day turnaround. This sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised. Lastly, be sure to communicate effectively and respond in a timely manner. You have to set your freelancer up for success by being clear and concise. Know what you want, and respect your freelancer’s time. This will help you see great results every time.

Before you hire Dave again, consider Fiverr, Upwork and other freelance platforms. Thank me later!

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