Shopify Free Trial: Getting the most out of 14 days!

Time is ticking...

Launching an online store sounds like a huge, daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. The Shopify free trial makes it both super easy and totally free — yes, free! Hosting websites with over $135 billion in sales and nearly 20% of the market share, Shopify is clearly doing something right. In fact they’re doing a lot right, so start your free trial and find out for yourself. Look how easy it is! 

Name Your Store

This is a fun part — think of something catchy that gives people an idea what your store is about – you probably already have something in mind. It’s worth Googling around to make sure it’s not already taken. You don’t want people going to the wrong website to shop if they’re looking for you!

What You Need to Start


Of course you’ll need to set up some basics – a login, password, address, that kind of thing. You also have the opportunity to register a domain right through Shopify so you can own the website address.

Follow the Money

Shopify can easily process credit card payments for you so you don’t have to sign up for an expensive merchant account and do it yourself. They also make it so just a few clicks will enable Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other options. It also takes just a few moments to link a bank account to receive payments when you make sales.

Snail Mail

You can also print your shipping labels directly through Shopify, so sending out merch is a breeze! A couple of clicks also let you enable account creation so your store visitors can create accounts for quick checkouts in future visits.

Nuts & Bolts

Of course there are some nuts and bolts to figure out, but Shopify walks you right through the whole process, so it’s smooth sailing.

Themes are designs applied to your online store to give it the look you want. If you browse through some Shopify-hosted stores, you’ll see some of the variety that’s possible. Shopify offers nearly a dozen totally free themes and hundreds you can purchase, all of which you can fully customize. The easy interface makes it simple to create menus, navigation, checkout and everything that makes your site look great and work smoothly. A great thing about themes is that you can try different ones out, so if you don’t like the first one you’ve chosen, just switch out to another and your content and settings are all still there! 

Adding Products

Adding your products is one of the best parts – that’s when it starts to feel real! All you need to do is fill out a short online form for each item you want to sell and add some pictures. There’s a quick and easy interface to use to update inventory, edit product information, or just get a preview of everything before it goes live. Remember, too, you don’t have to have all of your products available when you launch. Add enough to make it appealing and useful for shoppers, then keep adding after you’ve launched so you can be earning money while you keep working on your store.

Bells & Whistles

The Shopify App Store is filled with apps you can add to your store, many for free, to add special functionality such as marketing tools, social media integration, and adding ratings and reviews. You can also take advantage of other automated Shopify tools such as email marketing and abandoned cart reminders.

Make Sure It Works

As you build everything, Shopify keeps it hidden behind a password protected page. You can share the password with partners and friends whose input or help you want. It’s also just a few clicks to process a test order so you know everything works as it should before you go live. Disable the password setting and everything’s live! 

All the Help You Could Want

It’s so easy to do, and Shopify has tons of great help, video tutorials, and customer support. If you still want more help, Shopify can connect you with vetted professionals who can help with any part of the setup for you, from writing your product descriptions to sorting out the details for shipping rates, or writing custom code for your website. 

Try it out – it’s easy, and it’s free! Take just a few days and see what you can build. We think you’ll like it so much you’ll want to find even more cool products to sell, but if it’s just not your thing, you can cancel when your free trial ends and all you spent was a little time. 

Start your free trial, and maximize those 14 days!