5 Must Have Shopify Apps: More Sells Starting Now!

Your face after getting your first sell!

You’ve taken pictures, written descriptions, organized your shop layout, set up your shipping and payment details. Now what? You wait a few days…fam and friends visit your online store and cop a few things. You get a few visitors each day, but…..No sales. Shopify suggests it can take a few hundred visitors to get your initial sale, but that waiting can be tedious and demoralizing. Don’t get caught slippin, try adding one of these five integrated apps from the Shopify App Store. These Shopify apps will help bring people to your site and convert them to sales.


With Videofy, you can turn your products into videos, so people can see them in use, see them from all angles, and in context. Videos encourage shoppers to stay and watch, and feel more like they’re involved in your store more than just interacting with individual pictures. They can be made of a combination of still images, videos, and text frames. You can brand and add logos and even easily share your Videofy videos to social media to expand your reach. 

PushOwl Web Push Notification

Life gets busy. One minute someone has added things to their cart, the next they’re off answering a call or sharing something on Instagram and they’ve forgotten about their cart. PushOwl can notify people about their abandoned shopping carts, luring them back to purchase. Push notifications can be sent to visitors about sales and discounts, reminders to review purchases, creating wishlists, and alerts for items back-in-stock. PushOwl can give your customers just the extra reminder they need to come back and shop again.

Free Traffic & Ads by Varinode

Investing in an ad campaign can be expensive, and you don’t even know if your ads will be targeted to the right audience. With Free Traffic & Ads by Varinode, instead of spending traditional ad dollars, your store becomes part of an ad exchange, so your ads will appear on competitor sites with similar products and their ads will appear on your shop’s site. While this means other stores will be advertising on your page, it also means that people visiting your competitors will see your ads and may choose to visit your store as well — and hopefully choose your products instead! 


The Growave Shopify app allows you to really engage your customers with your brand and products by making it easy to add loyalty and rewards programs and incentives, social media integration, wishlist creation, and more ways to get involved. You can provide rewards for sharing on social media, giving reviews, making referrals, and more.

Facebook & Instagram Autopost

Running your online store can take up a lot of your time, and who has time to start adding Facebook and Instagram posts into the mix? They’re amazing marketing tools for bringing in new customers, but you have to share there to make them work. The Facebook & Instagram Autopost app allows you to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram. You can even have the app automatically make posts about your products on both platforms based on templates you create, so you can let it run on autopilot! 

Building your online presence can be the easy part. Getting people to visit, browse, and especially make purchases is really the hardest part. Even if your product is fantastic and well-marketed, translating visits to sales requires hard work (and a little luck). Don’t try to do all the work yourself. Instead, visit the Shopify App Store and find some tools to take your shop to the next level. You should have more store traffic and having an online store should be a more fun, more profitable experience!