Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna On The Same Team: Shopify

Were you thinking of an ex-boyfriend? An awkward Thanksgiving Dinner? Something else? You should’ve been thinking of a Shopify store! Seriously, they both have cosmetics stores on with Shopify. Kylie Jenner has Kylie cosmetics and Blac China has Lashed Cosmetics. Coincidence!? Well, not really. These two entrepreneurs are aware of other e-commerce platforms, but to be the best you need the best… and that’s Shopify!

Size Does(n’t) Matter

Shopify makes it very easy to run a full-service online shop, whether you sell just a handful of things or thousands. 

Easy to Navigate

The site-building tools on Shopify are so straightforward to use and full of little hints and guides, you won’t have any problems getting things up and running. One click lets you view how your site will look on a laptop or phone so you don’t have to figure it out.


Shopify is designed so that you can easily add and update your products. Every detail is easily tracked and simple to modify. It takes just a few steps to scale things up to have additional stock locations, shipping options, add staff accounts, and everything you need when things take off. You might not sell out in 20 seconds like Kylie did, but you can dream, huh?


Wonder how many people are visiting your shop website right now? There’s a live-view world map to check that out. Are more people using phones or computers to shop your store? Did people go directly to it or find it on Google? Shopify’s powerful reporting gives you endless data so you know exactly what’s happening.


Never tried an official marketing campaign? Shopify’s got your back. Click, click, boom — marketing campaign launched, whether you want direct emails to shoppers, advertising on Snapchat or Google, and more.

Shopify Makes it EASY

Their powerful, easy-to-use interfaces make it a breeze to build and update your Shopify store


Check out how Kylie’s and Blac Chyna’s stores look totally different — but they were built quickly and easily with the same tools. Shopify even points you to commercially licensed images you can use for your website, store blog, or other shop communications. 


Shopify is filled with free and inexpensive themes you can use and customize to give your online store the look and feel you want. Because you provide the content and Shopify provides the mechanics, you can easily modify and update your theme if you want a fresh or updated look, too. No technical work involved, just choose a new theme and publish it! 


Between the help embedded in the interface itself and video tutorials you can watch in your admin area, you’re unlikely to have many questions. If you do, tech support is always available 24/7. 


Shopify even suggests steps for success right on your admin page and adds blog entries for you to learn from. For example, if you’ve just gotten things set up, Shopify may suggest you add a sales channel on Instagram or show you how to optimize your site for search engines.

More Time to Stay Glamorous

Once you have everything set up, a lot of a Shopify site can pretty much run itself, making the online part really easy! 


Many tedious steps in Shopify are automated so you spend less time updating and more time on what you want to do. Do you think Kylie stares at her laptop updating pages to hide sold-out products or contacting people who’ve forgotten to purchase  what’s sitting in their forgotten carts?

Hired Help

Need more beauty sleep? Not sure if you’re doing it right? It’s totally easy and surprisingly affordable to hire Shopify experts to do anything from setting up your store or figuring out shipping details to running a marketing campaign or writing blog entries for you. 

Online and IRL

Online Stores

Obviously, Shopify helps you build an online store. But Shopify also makes it super easy to integrate sales on Instagram, Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, and Pinterest. A few clicks and your great stuff is out there everywhere for people to find and buy.


Want to have a pop-up shop like Kylie, a beauty bar like Blac Chyna, or sell anywhere else in person along with your online store? No worries, Shopify makes it a breeze.

You really do want to keep up with the Kardashians, don’t you? Here’s your chance — join Kylie and Blac Chyna on Shopify by starting your free trial today!