Podcasts: How “Bluuman” YouTuber built his empire.

Shopify Masters sits down with Bluuman CEO Colin Chik.

YouTuber Joe Andrews is not new to the game! In fact, he started his channel back in November 2013, and hasn’t looked back since. Within just two years he had already amassed 300,000 loyal subscribers, and currently sits at a wopping 1.62 million. Bluuman is a haircare products line and grooming co, that was founded in good ol’ Vancouver, CA back in 2014. However, Bluuman isn’t your typical styling gel or hairspray! These products put an emphasis on quality and affordability, as Joe had noticed a significant void in the marketplace. See, Joe had a personal connection to his following on Youtube, understanding what they needed out of their haircare products.

It makes sense that such a global powerhouse would use the Shopify platform to sell their products, right? Shopify has a plethora of tools for businesses large and small, and the support is unmatched by competitors. Joe knows he can find a Shopify Expert in just a few clicks, as well as find a robust app to help execute a new idea.

Joe Andrews
Joe Andrews (Founder)

Shopify Masters recently sat down with the current CEO of Bluuman, Colin Chik to talk about working with micro-influencers, manufactures, listening to community feedback and much more. See what you can learn from this incredible interview, and start applying it to your own business. Hope you enjoy, and as always, we’re here to help.

Listen to the full interview here:

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